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15226 W Hwy 24
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Phone: 719-687-9201

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Animal Medical Center of Woodland Park

Animal Medical Center of Woodland Park is a full service animal hospital where the health and well-being of your pet is our highest priority. We provide our clients with exceptional levels of service and courtesy, given in a comfortable and caring environment.

FREE DENTAL EXAMS the Month of January. Animal Medical Center is the area’s leading pet dental provider. Our Veterinarians have exceptional training in the area of dentistry. We perform dentistry in a very similar manner to our human counterparts; providing dental radiographs, sub-gingival therapy, surgical extractions, and comprehensive dental planning. Dental disease is the most common ailment of our small animal patients and unfortunately one of the most commonly overlooked issues. If you can smell bad breath, dental disease is already damaging the vital support structures of the tooth, and causing discomfort to your pet. Research has shown that a healthy mouth means a healthy pet that has fewer chronic illnesses, more comfort, and a longer life. Schedule a free dental evaluation by one of highly trained Veterinarians.

Our Mission is simple: Treat your pets like our own….period. I love my dog RJ, my cat Dennis, and my horse Uno. They are my family and I care about how they are treated. My goal in life and profession is to make their life the best I can. This is through play, medicine, surgery, wellness planning, and whatever I can do to make their lives better (sometimes that includes sharing a little piece of bacon!).

Sometimes they get sick or hurt and it scares us just like it affects you. All our knowledge and ability doesn’t change the fact that we care about our pets. So, even though it’s scary, I know that we have a great hospital and staff that will help me protect my loved ones. We strive to be the most educated, cutting edge, and responsible Veterinary professionals in the area for one goal…..the life of our loved ones. Give us a chance at Animal Medical Center to prove how much we love your pets as much as we love our own. Oh, and while you are here……watch us exceed your expectations in customer service.

Michael D. Factor, DVM
Owner, Animal Medical Center of Woodland Park