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Justine, Reception

I’m so excited to be here at AMC! My name is Justine and I am one of the receptionist here. I’m originally from the desert in Apple Valley California and for the last three years I’ve lived in Cripple Creek. My dogs were easily converted into being snow dogs but I do miss that sunshine from time to time. In my spare time I help out with a family business in Cripple Creek.

I have been with my fiancé for almost two years and will be getting married at the end of 2017. His name is Alex and he is in the Canadian Military.

We have a wonderful black lab mix named Fell. He loves camping and car rides. And a little scrappy terrier mix named Henry who we just adopted

from TCRAS. I love camping, sewing, painting, and playing video games. It has been a pleasure working here at AMC and I can’t wait to meet you!