Equine Services

The Animal Medical Center is devoted to the health of your horse. With the addition of our new Equine Medical center, we are pleased to offer more advanced equine services. The Center, one of a kind to our area, now offers in house evaluations, hospitalization, medical colic treatment, and anesthetized procedures. When you haul in receive a 10% discount on all services!

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    Wellness Care

    The cornerstone of general equine practice, preventive medicine is comprised of procedures such as vaccination, de-worming, dental care and nutritional consultation. These important topics are often taken for granted until…

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    This area of veterinary medicine has emerged as a major factor in a horse’s performance, nutrition, and overall attitude. Animal Medical Center provides complete dental care using a combination of…

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    Geriatric Care

    Due to significant advances in equine health care and diagnostics, horses are living longer, and as they do, they require care unique to the older horse. With preventative medicine and…

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    Medical Colic Therapy

    Horses are notorious for colic and are predisposed to it when compared to other species. Signs of colic include but are not limited to: Decreased appetite Depression/Lethargy Looking/biting at the…

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    Lameness is a common problem that can affects both performance horses and pasture pets alike. Lameness issues can range from subtle performance limitations to major injuries. The Animal Medical Center…

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    Animal Medical Center offers basic reproduction services including assistance with breeding mares, artificial insemination, problem mares and preventative health programs to maintain pregnant mares and healthy foals. Services include:Brood mare…

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    Pre-Purchase Examinations

    An important part of the decision making process of purchasing a new horse, is the pre-purchase veterinary examination. Before you commit your time, finances and emotions, Animal Medical Center can…

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    Computed Radiography

    We have just installed a computerized digital radiography machine. Computed radiography saves time and your money. Images can be acquired stall side, modified, and interpreted in seconds. Repeat films at…

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    At the Animal Medical Center we are able to perform minor surgical procedures including castration, laceration repair and mass removals.