Milo's Services

We offer a full range of additional pet services including dog wash, pet lodge, day camp and more.

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    Milo’s Dog Wash

    We now have a Wash Your Own Dog Station! Dirty Dog? Use our Wash and Dry Station to keep your best friend clean and happy. A clean coat is a…

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    Milo’s Lodge

    Enjoy your time away without the worry of your pet’s needs. We provide high quality boarding. Does your pet require special care? No problem. Your pets are cared for by…

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    Milo’s Day Camp

    Your pets can play all day in a safe, fully supervised environment and you can observe on webcam. Access the webcams to view your pet at Milo’s Day Camp by…

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    Milo’s Day Camp Webcam

    Please login using the ID AMC and Password AMC. If you are asked to download and/or install an Active X controller (or something similar), please allow it. It is requred…