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Meet The Staff old

Nichole Harrell, CVT Practice Manager

I am so excited you choose us as your family Veterinary practice! I am Nichole, the Practice Manager. I was born and raised in a small town in Maine….GO PATRIOTS! I moved to Colorado and have lived here for ….years. My daughter, Audrey recently turned 6 yo and has started to go to school, a big change for us all. I am currently a Certified Veterinary Technician and am working hard on achieving my certification in Practice Management thru the American Animal Hospital Association. I have two dogs, Blueberry and Raspberry (guess who named them), my blue and red Healers. They are always full of energy and love to chase each other all over the yard. My interests include Patriot Football, country two stepping, hunting, and have started an interest in Mounted Shooting.

Susi, Lead Veterinary Technician

Welcome to our practice! We hope your find us exceeding your expectations daily. My name is Susi; I am the Lead Veterinary Technician. I was born in Mexico and immigrated with my family to Lamesa, TX where I was raised. I met my husband in Colorado where I have lived for the last 5 years. I am almost finished with my certification to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in Colorado and am excited to complete this step in my career. When not at the practice I tend to be a home body, enjoying my time with my family. My dog General, who is a miniature Schnauzer has 2 cat brothers, “Cow”, and “Steven”. General feels like he is part of the cat “herd” and loves to play tag with his brothers through the house. General also loves rock climbing! My cat Cow is a big snuggle bug unlike his brother Steven who likes to observe things from afar. My interests include hiking, photography, art and exploring new scenery and cuisine.

Brittney, Veterinary Technician

Ya’ll have chosen a great place to your pets! I am happy to help you keep your family members happy and healthy. I am Brittney; one of the Veterinary Technicians here to assist you and your pets. I am originally from Missouri where I studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia to achieve a Bachelors degree in Animal Science. I am currently working towards my Veterinary Certification in Colorado where I have lived for the last year with my husband. I have two dogs, Sarge a 3 yo Cane Corso, and Hoodi a 7 yo Great Dane/Labrador mix. The boys love to go on hikes and spend time with me while I geo-cache. They are excellent at fetching, and keeping an eye on the deer in the backyard. I also enjoy camping in the summer.

Dayna, Veterinary Technician

I am the newest member of the team, and am happy to have become a part of the Animal Medical Center.

Shelby, Veterinary Assistant

Hi everyone! I am Shelby, one of Animal Medical Center’s Certified Veterinary Assistants. I was born in Phoenix, AZ and have lived in Woodland Park since July 2000. I am so excited that I have recently been engaged to marry. I have two dogs, Jethro and Elsa both 2 yo Labrador Retriever mixes. Jethro is very laid back and is trained to be around guns and retrieving game. Elsa lovers her dad and loves sleeping on couches around people. She is still a little shy around new dogs, but loves to play with her brother in the yard. Both dogs enjoy hiking and exploring new places as they are both very curious. Jethro is a great swimmer and tries to get Elsa to join in, even if it means splashing her while she watches on the shore. My favorite activities are hunting, camping, hiking and fishing. I also like to make jewelry and sit around camp fires with friends, family, and my fiancé.

Anna, Veterinary Assistant

Howdy! My name is Anna I am AMC’s Veterinary Assistant. I am currently enrolled for my Veterinary Technician certification and am excited to be a part of the team here at AMC. I was born in Arizona, and have lived in Colorado for the last 17 years. I have a Siberian Husky named Mowgli and a horse named Tawny. Tawny and I are starting to learn how to rope together and I am excited to get involved in this sport. My interests include, hiking, horseback riding, target shooting, and trying new activities. I hope we can make your pet’s stay at AMC as comfortable and rewarding as possible! Welcome.

Carl, Veterinary Assistant

Hello all you pet owners. I am Carl, a recent addition to the Animal Medical Center’s team. I am excited to be a part of this growing practice and have recently begun my training in Veterinary Assistant Certification through PIMA medical Institute. I was born in California, but was raised mainly in Colorado, specifically Colorado Springs. My mother lives here in Colorado and I also have two cats and two dogs as a part of my family. Chloe, is a 10 yo American Foxhound and Pike is a 4 yo Black Labrador mix. My cats are Austyn and Cirella who are both rescues. I enjoy golfing, shooting, fishing, and some hiking. I served as a Military Policeman before returning home to find my calling in Veterinary medicine.

Rebekah, Reception/Veterinary Assistant

Welcome to AMC! We are glad to meet you. I am Rebekah, a veterinary assistant but also work up front at the receptionist desk. I am married and have a little girl on the way! Hooray! I grew up south of Dallas, TX and have lived in Colorado for the last couple years. I have a long-haired Dachshund named Rudy and 3 cats named Sunkist, Sunny D and Sierra. We enjoy going on walks around town with our dog Rudy who we affectionately call, ‘Doodles”. He loves to smell all the scents as a hound dog and roll in the grass. He also enjoys snuggling and knows quite a few tricks. Our cats are true felines, and love to lounge on our bed and sleep under the blankets. All 3 of our cats are rescues that enjoy the “easy life” now that they are under our roof. My hobbies are taking Rudy on walks, hanging with my husband, hiking, camping, and skiing.

Jackie, Reception

I have been lucky to enjoy quite a bit of travel before landing in Woodland Park, CO. I am originally from Dumfries, Scotland, spent several years in Ireland, Germany, and the state of Georgia. I have lived in Colorado for the last ten years and have been with AMC for almost 6 of those years. I am married to a Army Veteran who is now retired. My hobbies include: photography, fitness, hiking and jewelry making. My passion is photography, and I love capturing our beautiful Colorado landscape. Thank you for trusting us with your beloved family member. We will do our best to exceed your expectations.

Laura, Reception

Thanks for checking us out today. My name is Laura, I am a Receptionist at AMC. I am Married with 3 children. We will soon be empty nesters with only our youngest still at home. I was born in Ohio but have lived all over the U.S. including Illinois, Arizona, Florida, and now Colorado. My family has 5 pets: 2 cats, and 3 dogs. Our husky is the cuddler and has a housemate who is the obedient one. Our young Britney is full of energy and trying hard to be well behaved. I enjoy watching sci-fi movies, hiking with the dogs, and spending time with the family

Ryan, Day care counselor

Hello! My name is Ryan and I am the Master of Doggie Daycare here at WPAMC. I’m a Woodland Park native who ventured off to NYC to become a stage actor. I acquired an affinity for Shakespeare’s work while attending theatre school and worked in the city for three years following. I eventually left NYC to move back here and marry my wife Cory who also graduated the same year I did from WPHS. I’m an avid backpacker who usually takes trips out to Lost Creek Wilderness near Deckers, CO, but also happily spend copious amount of time with my 5 month old son, Cassian. I have one dog, a Wheaten Terrier named Remington, two munchkin kitties named Stanley and Jinx, as well as one grey tabby named Luna.

more info coming soon…