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Brittney, Veterinary Technician

BrittneypicYa’ll have chosen a great place to your pets! I am happy to help you keep your family members happy and healthy. I am Brittney; one of the Veterinary Technicians here to assist you and your pets. I am originally from Missouri where I studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia to achieve a Bachelors degree in Animal Science. I am currently working towards my Veterinary Certification in Colorado where I have lived for the last year with my husband. I have two dogs, Sarge a 3 yo Cane Corso, and Hoodi a 7 yo Great Dane/Labrador mix. The boys love to go on hikes and spend time with me while I geo-cache. They are excellent at fetching, and keeping an eye on the deer in the backyard. I also enjoy camping in the summer.Brittney, Veterinary Technician