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Modern Dentistry

Small Animal dentistry has undergone rapid technological developments in the last few years, which has attracted a lot of attention. There has been a renewed understanding in how dental health and oral comfort affect your pet’s health. Our veterinarians, though dentistry beforecontinuing education, are always up-to-date on current techniques to help your pet’s mouth remain healthy and pain free. Over 70% of the disease process that occurs in your pet’s mouth is above the gum line where no one can see it. By the time you can see dental issues visibly, the pattern of disease has been affecting your pet for a long time before then. At AMC, we perform full mouth radiographs in order to give the treating veterinarian and you a complete and thorough evaluation of your pet’s teeth, gums, and underlying structures. With this knowledge we can implement a comprehensive and customized treatment plan that will keep your pet’s mouth happy.