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Shelby, Veterinary Assistant

Hi everyone! I am Shelby, one of Animal Medical Center’s Certified Veterinary Assistants. I was born in Phoenix, AZ and have lived in Woodland Park since July 2000. I am so excited that I have recently been engaged to marry. I have two dogs, Jethro and Elsa both 2 yo Labrador Retriever mixes. Jethro is very laid back and is trained to be around guns and retrieving game. Elsa lovers her dad and loves sleeping on couches around people. She is still a little shy around new dogs, but loves to play with her brother in the yard. Both dogs enjoy hiking and exploring new places as they are both very curious. Jethro is a great swimmer and tries to get Elsa to join in, even if it means splashing her while she watches on the shore. My favorite activities are hunting, camping, hiking and fishing. I also like to make jewelry and sit around camp fires with friends, family, and my fiancé.